The Writing of Stones

Emma Wagstaff and Dominic Weatherby

The Writing of Stones is a guided visit to the museum of your imagination, a hijacked meditation, a psychedelic school trip, a reverie on the reality-altering nature of attention, the limits of language, and humanity’s place in the natural world.

A collage of text, music, and movement inspired by the writings of Roger Caillois, this show is a dreamy train ride into the darkest depths of consciousness. 

Expect phantasmagoria, hot-collared surrealists, science, illuminations, slow dancing, aesthetic philosophy, Mexican jumping beans, and lots and lots of stones.

Creation and performance: Juliana de Aragão, John Harper, Emma Wagstaff, and Dominic Weatherby
Direction: Emma Wagstaff and Dominic Weatherby

Supported by Norwich Arts Centre and Norwich Theatre.


Norwich, Norwich Theatre Stage Two (R&D Sharing), 25.2.24



Concept trailer for The Writing of Stones, May 2024.

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