The Writing of Stones

The Writing of Stones is a new performance about the imagination - specifically, your imagination. An unravelling of your reality to get back to reality. A guided meditation, a drug-free high, a school trip into the landscape of the collective unconscious. 

This is a show about you, about the nature of you, and the nature of nature. It's about yanking out the roots of human exceptionalism, escaping the jailhouse of language, finally, truly seeing the world. But will we be happy when we get where we're going? And once there, will we be able to find our way back? 

Expect phantasmagoria, hot-collared surrealists, science, illuminations, slow dancing, aesthetic philosophy, Mexican jumping beans, a damn good story, and lots and lots of stones.

Image: Eye Agate from Uruguay. From the collection of Roger Caillois. 

Source: Caillios,R. The Writing of Stones, Editions Xavier Barral (2014)


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