1. Acting for Real

    04 Nov 2022
    ‘Oubliez théâtre’, the teacher encourages, directing her gaze left and right across the rows of assembled students: ‘trouvez vérité’. Forget theatre; find truth. On the zebra crossing, on the second bite of my gluten free camembert sandwich, on the word processor I opened a little too late to set about…

  2. Just because it’s happening, it doesn’t mean it’s real

    04 Nov 2022
    On objects as diagrams and drawings as life As part of my studies at L’École Jacques Lecoq, a physical theatre school in Paris, I am taking classes at the L.E.M. (Laboratoire d’Etude du Mouvement). The L.E.M is the school’s scenography department, dedicated to researching space, rhythm, and movement. In our…

  3. Introduction

    04 Nov 2022
    This Autumn, we moved to Paris. We came because we had questions in search of answers - questions that could only be answered by uprooting ourselves, by purposefully getting lost in a new city and a new language, and by submitting ourselves to the peculiar, wonderful ordeal of training at…

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