Emma Wagstaff and Dominic Weatherby

Emmanuelle/Emmanuelle draws from the memoirs of Emmanuelle Guattari and the writings of her father Felix Guattari to present a captivating meditation on temporality, childhood memory, and death.

A starting point for our investigation was Felix Guattari’s idea of the human subject as a group or multiplicity. We were interested in evoking the psychology of a character through a mode which positioned both psychology and character, not as the pre-givens of a performance, but as the topics of a performance’s inquiry.

As a writer waits for her dead mother to meet her in a cafe, dreams, memories, and visions drift in and out of her field of consciousness.

Using fabric, shadows, projection, dance, and music, the performance bring to life the wondrous, shifting reality of when and who is Emmanuelle.

Direction and Performance: Emma Wagstaff and Dominic Weatherby
Scenography: Jock Maitland
Sound Design: Alice Boyd
Video Design: Luke Wintour

Voices: Lucy Doyle, Nina, Jock, Charlie, and Alex

Supported by the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Created at NDT Broadgate.


Online, National Student Drama Festival, 9.4.22-15.4.22

London, The Crypt Gallery, 24.3.22-26.3.22

London, Camden People's Theatre, 30.8.21-31.8.21


'Emmanuelle/Emmanuelle is ambitious, impressive, and expressive.'

Noises Off Magazine

'Incredibly poetic, mesmerising, like a meditation...visually stunning'

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'Emotional yet dreamy, punchy yet still, delicate yet aggressive, all in all visually and vocally stunning'

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Showreel for Emmanuelle/Emmanuelle, May 2022.

Production trailer for Emmanuelle/Emmanuelle at The Crypt Gallery, March 2022.

Concept trailer for Emmanuelle/Emmanuelle's Work in Progress Sharing at Camden People's Theatre, August 2021.

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